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General Questions

What is your Clinic Policies?

– If you do not have your health card or it expired you will have to pay for the visit without any exceptions.

 – To see a doctor, the patient must be present at the time of registration.

– If you are not present at the time of your appointment, we will assume you are not coming back and give your slot to another patient.

Zero Tolerance for bad language, rude, abusive behavior.  You will be asked to leave the clinic. 

– No smoking is allowed on our premises.

– Please be respectful to our staff and doctors.  NO telephone usage is allowed at the exam rooms.

Can I get a same-day appointment? Do you offer Walk-in clinic service?

We offer both same day appointment and walk-in too. you are welcome to contact us today for an appointment or just walk-in to be seen promptly.

What is your new patient procedure?

New patients are welcome. You can call and book appointment to see a Doctor who will discuss the process of our new patient registration.  It is simple and straight forward process.  However, to make the process goes smoothly you can print and fill the registration form prior to your appointment.

Are your services covered by OHIP?

If you are resident in Ontario and have valid OHIP card then most of our services are covered by OHIP.  However, some services are not insured by OHIP such as sick note, driver medical.

​We also accept WSIB.

Do you see patients from another country or province?

Yes. If you are visiting from overseas or other provinces then there will be a charge for the service provided but you can claim it back from your insurance.   

Ask our secretary for prices.

Do I need to bring my health care every time for the visit?

Yes. A valid Ontario health card must be presented each and every time you visit PAYWAND Medical Centre.  If you do not have a valid OHIP card, a fee will be charged.

What Can I do to make my clinic experience goes smoothly?

Upon registration, the clinic staff will ask you the nature of your visit. Be clear and specific with the reason for the visit.  OF course! If you wishes not to disclose that you can but just inform our staff that you will discuss with doctor.

Have your medication list readily available.

Let the clinic staff knows if you have seen another physician with the same complaint in the same day.

You can print and fill the registration form if you are looking for new family doctor.

What Should I do if I think I am having a medical emergency?

Please call 911 or go straight to Emergency Room at Mackenzie health Hospital.

I forgot about my appointment today, will I get charged?

Yes. Failure to provide a 24 hour notice for cancellation will result in a fee charge.  The Fee will range from $40 to $100. 

Can I call to obtain my results?

No. Our reception staff is not allowed nor trained to provide medical advice or interpret the results.   If you want to discuss your result please book appointment with our doctors.

All my medication is run out, how can I get a refill?

Please book an appointment with your health care provider to obtain a refill.  We believe in quality health care and recommend a consultation prior to renewal to ensure it is safe and effective.  For certain situations, that prevent you from visiting our office, we offer to renew your medications with the physician approval for a fee of $30.

I have been referred to specialist by my doctor, when Do I expect to hear back?

Generally you should receive a notification within 4 weeks. If you have not received a call, please contact our reception staff for specialist contact details to call directly.  Unfortunately we cannot control the time delay of appointment date with the specialist.  However, we make every effort to ensure that you are seen in timely manner.

I have forms to be filled by a Physician, can it be done?

Yes! The form can be filled by our doctors but depending on the form it may take up to 5 days or more.  Most forms  are uninsured service so there may be a charge.  Please ask our receptionist!

About Our Services

Pediatric Care

We see children of all ages with any illness to provide the support they need.


If you require any type of vaccination just ask our lovely doctors.  We do all types of vaccines.

Health Check

We provide preventive care medicine so you can stay healthy.  Talk to our doctor about screening tests for your health.

Non-Insured Services

Provide services not covered by OHIP too such as driver medical. Please ask our receptionist for prices.  Our rate is competitive.

Travel Consult

If you intend to go on holiday we do provide consult on what vaccination is required. It is non-OHIP service. Ask our lovely receptionist for our fees.

Primary Care

We provide primary care services from minor illness to chronic conditions – customized and comprehensive.

Well Baby Check

We provide neonatal baby care  – putting your child first.

Women's Health

Our Family Doctors provide women’s  health care such as pap smear.

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