The periodic health check or Physical examination done by your Family Doctor, is about collecting data to assess your risk of disease or identifying risk factors in disease prevention and health promotion.  However if any acute illness is present it can be addressed during the Physical examination.

The consultation starts with a brief history-taking such as medical history, employment status, smoking and alcohol habit as well as sexual history,

Next your Family Doctor will do a thorough physical examination such as listening to heart, lung, feeling abdomen, checking your blood pressure and examining other systems such as Ear Nose Throat, joints, skin etc.

Your doctor will also offer health promotion, depending on your age and health condition such as vaccination, colonoscopy, FOB, mammogram, Pap smear, flu vaccines or etc.

Then following examination you will be sent to have blood drawn to check for Diabetes, cholesterol and kidney function.

How can you prepare for the Physical examination?

in order to get the most out of your appointment it will be helpful to wear loose clothes, and have shower prior to visit.  Also bring a list of all medications including over the counter medications.  It will be helpful to have a good understanding of your family history.

Remember the appointment is about helping you to stay healthy and prevent disease when possible.  Remember to be honest about your health and habits.  If you have any health concern or questions, just ask away your Family Doctor.  There is no embarrassing questions or topic to talk about with your doctor.  The consultation with your doctor is confidential.  His aim is to help with your optimal well-being.