The Winter is approaching fast. The degree of temperature varies across different provinces.  In Ontario it can get really cold and reach easily below freezing temperature.  The Cold winter has multiple health effect if one is not appropriately dressed or ready for it.  in this article we will be talking frost bite.  Frostbite is the most common freezing injuries and it is defined as crystalisation of fluids in interstitial and cellular space as result of prolonged exposure to freezing temperature.

Hypothermia and cold exposure results in  blood flow restriction to the skin blood vessels, resulting in cellular damage and frostbite.   If prolong exposure continue it can result in lost of limb, finger or even death.

It is very important to keep yourself warm and ensure adequate clothing.

If you have any questions or health concern speak to your family doctor or seek immediate help from Emergency Room (ER) if affected by frostbite.

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